Harshit Rana vs Mayank – RCB, MI, CSK

Two days… They did not even take two days
to start a controversy in this IPL.

KKR vs SRH, this match
was an actual season opener.

I mean, it had so many twists and turns,
one new controversy, some aggression,

big hits by Klassen and Russels,

and entertained us with a thriller last over.

Truth be told, IPL is IPLing.

A nearly impossible chase, Heinrich Klaasen
the master class had almost got them to victory,

but then Harshit Rana’s final over fightback
has silenced Pat Cummins.

On top of this, in the match prior to this;
Delhi vs Punjab, the same story repeated.

A left-hand batsman in the last over
had bashed Harshal Patel for runs.


We’ll also talk about this later on,
but our Big Brother is gaining his form,

I mean, his scripts are coming to life.

GG effect is back in KKR.

With the return of Gautam Gambhir,
old plans of KKR’s are back to life.

They sent Sunil Narine
to open the batting innings.

It was bound to fail but with the return of GG,
KKR players gained such an attitude..

They are behaving like Naveen-ul-Haq,
they are teasing them for no reason.

Yes, I admit, with GG on the team,
I didn’t see their choking habit.

Last year, KKR had bottled
plenty of similar matches.

But no this time.

How is it possible for Gautam Gambhir on a team
without any controversies arising?

This is fixed that
you can either have fair play points

or Gautam Gambhir in your squad.

Tradition, status, discipline.

Truth be told, we, fans,
wait for the IPL for these kind of days.

Unless there is a controversy, abusive language,
there is no fun in watching it.

Is this a gentlemen’s game?

Harshit Rana’s IPL career has just begun,

he played so well
and helped his team to victory.

But why are you creating your negative image?

Have you heard of peace?

Credits where it’s due,
defending 13 runs against Klassen…

it’s impossible but he did it.

And he showed full agression
against Mayank Agrawal and Klassen

and he gave Mayanak a flying kiss
looking into his eyes.

Everyone wants to be like Virat Kohli.

I am warning you, you did it here
but don’t do these against RCB.

You know that Team India has initiated
fielding medals in the World Cup?

I think Gautam has initiated
a sledding medal in the KKR.

I mean who does the best sledging
wins an award by Gauti himself.

They won the match due to Harshit Rana’s bowling
and a brilliant catch by Suyash.

Or else, Gauti would have bashed Shreyas so much
that he would have all injuries at once.

Scounderal got away.

Don’t talk about Shreayas luck,
he lost the Indian team contract anyway,

and BCCI has allowed 2 bouncers
in one over in an IPL.

What do you want him to play? Football?

My whole family is scared.
Who isn’t scared by the death?

Death is the only thing
that scared me in my life.

He was so nervous, he didn’t even play bouncers,
he left the crease after two balls.

Someone, please explain to Shreyas

that if he wants his contract to be renewed,
then he must tackle these ducks.

What do you mean that Bumrah
had already predicted these ducks?

Shreyas! You must face me in this tournament.

Then have this habit of ducks.

Iyer brother, how many crores
do you earn in BCCI contract?

I won’t say it now, you watch it on TV tomorrow.

What bad luck RCB has!

Shahbaz Ahmed played so well for the SRH.

He did not play this way for the RCB.

This curse is real; Whoever leaves RCB
plays well for the other team.

Harshal bro, other spinners
are doing well after leaving RCB,

what happened to you?

I am dammed!

Heinrich Klaasen is my favorite.

Though he tried to take his team to victory
and he couldn’t… but he made Kavya happy.

And look at this Patt Cummins,

while trying to silence the opposition crowd,

don’t know when he silenced
his own crowd and the owner.

He is an expert in breaking hearts,

hearts of Indian fans or of my Kavya.

Literally, it’s me and Heinrich Klaasen

in the whole world
who care for Kavya’s emotions.

And all others are…

All these are theives.

Look at these perfromances.

Riyan Parag would take
2 or 3 seasons to hit these many.

Are these for one life?

One Australian pacer, one ₹25 crores,
went down the drain, splash!

Second Australian pacer, ₹20 crores more,
went down the drain, splash!

Where is KKR’s bowler worth ₹25 crores?

Oh, he might be taking slashes
from Gambhir after giving off 50 runs.

Now, you may do worthless bidding
on these Australians.

You give it a thought,
overhyped ₹45 crores Australian pacers,

and Harshit Rana of ₹20 lakhs.

Who won 2 points for you?

There is a lot of difference.

And you know, they are
in great form only against India,

and when they play the IPL,
they always play like shit.

I mean, they want to take money from India,

break their hearts,
then play worst in their tournament,

and again, they want to break their hearts.

Clearly, I see their whole strategy now.

Starc, I am telling you,
the way you bowled, don’t let Gauti find you.

You have MS in your name anyway.

Get lost! Go!

Let’s go!

Klassen has been great yesterday,

but the way Andre Russell played yesterday,
we got to the vintage clean-hitting Russell.

It’s sounds illegal that Rinku Singh and Russell
are single-handedly handing KKR’s finishing.

Now, think about it, KKR’s next match
is against RCB, and it’s in Chinnaswamy.

You know about RCB’s bowling,

and the form that Russell going through.

Bro, it’s going to rain.

Apart from him, Philip Salt, Sunil Narine
and Ramandeep Singh have played very well.

I mean, their contributions might go unnoticed

but definitely, they helped in the victory.

These are the matches that we like,
where sixers are more than fours.

They hit 29 sixers in this match
while only 25 fours.

We, fans, deserve the very thing
on a Saturday night,

not that boring chase of Punjab and Delhi,

where they both were busy
helping each other win.

Seriously, this match has no respect
in the eyes of the Big Brother.

First, he made them play in the afternoon,
and, he copied the script from the CSK vs RCB.

It’s the same target, the same start,
and almost the same result.

You should have copied it better.

Not even my paper matches
with the guy in front.

But, finally, the earth
is healing back to normal.

My mind was blown away
after watching the WPL finals.

Both Delhi and RCB were in the finals.

RCB is RCBing, and DC is BCing.

I will give full credit to Punjab,

they have put complete efforts
from their end to lose this match

but in that aspect, Delhi has played better.

But, for me, as a Delhi fan,

the whole match at one end
and Rishab Pant’s comeback on the other end.

It was an emotional moment,
I found peace watching this guy back on pitch,

he played with the bat, did wicketkeeping too,

he came back with passion and commitment.

I mean, after such a big injury,
the came directly to the team,

he is handling the captaincy,
keeping, and batting too.

We can learn the value of effort from Rishab.

I believe he would have made runs too

but the spinners of
the opposition team weren’t bald.

Did you notice my IQ?

Why did you bring me up?

Watching such a bad batting lineup,
I think Bapu is stuck with the wrong team.

For two years, he has been carrying Delhi alone.

How could someone
from his team to put in some effort.

It felt good to see Abhishek Porel
giving such a great finish for his team.

I mean, he has been impressive,
this is what an impact substitution is.

Honestly, it’s Delhi’s tactical decision

of sending an impact player in the first innings
when they saw their wickets falling.

I mean, it was a great decision
by Ponting and it worked.

Or else, usually, a bowler would come
in the second innings.

At least they could make
extra 32 runs in 10 balls.

And there wasn’t anyone to defend.

Because when Ishant Sharma got injured,
there wasn’t anyone worthy of bowling.

How much could Kuldeep Yadav do on his own?

On the other end, they took a shitty decision

of leaving Prithvi Shaw on the bench
and playing Ricky Bhui and Sumit Kumar.

I don’t know what that was.

What is this mess you put us in?

Kumar Kushagra, Yash Dhull, and Prithvi Shaw,

they left all these three and… what do I say?

Prithvi Shaw is in unique moye moye.

He must have planned to play for Delhi
and eventually come back for the Indian team.

But Delhi also dropped him.

How can you drop Sachin, Lara,
and Sehwag from the team?

If nothing else, they could have
made him an impact player.

I mean, it has been really unfair…

for the other team.

Punjab’s player worth ₹18.5 crores,
after two years, has finally given his worth.

Sam Curran has played a mature innings.

And I felt good watching Punjab
taking tactical decisions,

like, they promoted him up for the batting.

And, I already told you in my predictions article,

that Punjab’s whole season
is going to be like this,

that if a big player performs
in a dangerous situation

then they will win
or else it’s going to be difficult.

Jonny Bairstow has given
an example of their luck.

They scammed Jonny Bairstow.

He just wanted to take a run
and his luck gave up on him.

This is why we say to these English players
that they must be inside the crease,

they keep stepping outside, always.

Now, if it was Ashwin,
they wouldn’t have done this.

Harshal has bowled well for a while,

then he inveiled himself before he left.

Anyways, he is an RCBian at heart.

Apart from this, there wasn’t much
to watch in the match.

Yes, I have a request for JIO Cinema,

that we want you to remove the hero cam
and install a heroine cam instead,

so we could peacefully watch Preity Zinta
instead of watching the match.

Maybe you guys like Ellyse Perry,

but I am a fan of Priety Zinta.

Hey, don’t tell Kavya.

You, bastard.

This is called someone does the job
and someone else gets the credit.

After such a good preformance,
Sam Curran too deserve a hug from Preity.

What do you mean by he is underage?

Now let’s talk about today’s
fantasy team and predictions.

You must have seen my predictions yesterday,

how great they went.

Calm down, every one of you
will have your chance to scold me.

And in today’s match, between Rajasthan Royals
and Lucknow Super Giants, RR would win.

And in the evening
is going to be the entertainment,

Mumbai vs Gujarat.

No matter who wins in MI vs GT,

but we’ll enjoy watching who wins in MI vs MI.

But still, according to my prediction,
Mumbai would win their first game.

Well, they don’t usually do
but I think this time they would.

If you want to watch RCB vs CSK article,
you can watch it here,

and the IPL predictions article is here.

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