How to Publish Articles on Blogger Part 2

menu we have insert image so for example

maybe I want to insert an image just on

top of this I will come here and say

upload you can use your own photos you

can choose from blogger if I already had

other posts and you want to use the same

image you can do a an image by URL so

today I’m just going to say upload from

computer hit and then you will get this interface

and then you’re going to say choose file

and then you’ll you will go to where the

images for example let me just choose a

this image here let me let me choose a

good image

like that one and then I’ll say open

once it I say open it will upload the

image now you need to click on the image

and then you’re going to see that blue

blue triangle

then go and say select

it your image will be inserted on your

blog like that but if you want a good

image just click on the image and then

normally if it is a heading I do extra

large and then I say update

like that and then I say save

if you go back to your blog this is how

it will look like you see

this is how your post will appear

post for example you are writing about

how to create your very first blog you

need to add labels labels are tags for

example I I was doing uh Nini about a

blogs so I’ll just copy that and then

I’m going to say

I’ll paste that and then I put a comma

to separate it I say blog I say maybe

how to how to

you see labels are tags tags are words

that most people will use when searching

on the internet so you make sure you add

the keywords on your labels keywords for

for maybe this post how to create your

blog post keywords can be

blog blog post blog

blog post a person maybe May search for what like

um how to create and then you put comma

first blog post first blog

post .etc etc and then you say update

now let us go and refresh

our page this is how the page is looking

like then I’m going to say

refresh so you see at the bottom here that is

where your tags will

appear if I say blog anything that I

tagged with the word blog on my blog

post those Nini will appear here those

posts will appear here so but on our

blog this is just a new blog we don’t

have any other post

so let us create another

another post let us create a second post you just go

to uh and then maybe I’m gonna write about a


for income

as they as the title

I’ll put a capital


for income

and then I’m gonna just

paste anything there

remember to create original posts

remember to create original post do not

not going to be monetized so for example

I’ve just created that remember if you

want to add an image maybe at the center

here you just go back to insert image

you upload

your image I’ll just choose that one

this is a article that I did it got 3.1

million views

and then choose the image and say insert

and then remember if you want to need to

to resize your blog just come to this

button here this setting button click

extra large say update and then you say

publish confirm you can go back to

let us do another name let me go back

and then I say I add tags here blog you

can even choose

you can just put tags here I’ll add

another tag a new tag how to



so just add another tag and then I’m

gonna update

if you go back to our blog

at the the very first page this is what

you will see already we have two posts

that is how you post your posts

it’s as simple as that on the next article

I’ll teach you

how to make your blogs

beautiful how to customize your blog so

that they do not appear just the way you

see like it’s like a blank page we need

to put a archives here we need to post a

previous post here you need to beautify

your blog before your monetize so the

beautify your blog if you have any

question just go to our comment section

down below and ask any question that you

have I’m so tired today

I’m trying my best so guys eh remember

next article make sure you watch this

article this is the next article watch this

article how to beautify your blog post

this is the next article it might be here

or here so yes thank you and God bless

you I’ll see you on the next article

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