How to Publish Articles on Blogger Part 1

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How To Start A Blog Only 3 Step

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How to Get Started – Arduino To ESP32 Part 2

the bottom now you know the pin out let’s connect peripherals like sensors drivers and displays esps operate on 3.3 volts while arduinos operate on 5 VTS this means that all peripherals whether they input or output ones can only use 3.3 volts when sending data to or receiving data from the ESP for components … Read more

How to Get Started – Arduino To ESP32 Part 1

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how to start And Why you stopped drawing

When some people see my illustrated journals, they say, wow, that’s great. I could never do that. But with a little coaxing, they can be persuaded nonetheless to give it a try. And others say, wow, I’m gonna do that. And they start too. And quite a few say, huh, where do you find the … Read more