KOHLI Orange Cap? DHONI LEAVES Captaincy IPL 2024

Virat Kohli with the orange cap, Jaspreet Bumrah with the purple cap, and the winner must be Thala’s CSK since it’s his final season.

There won’t be an IPL script as perfect as this. Big Brother, we’ve told you what we want, anyway, you are the best writer out there.

I’ll get it done. Guys, wait! I shot this article yesterday, but there is the latest news out that Dhoni has resigned as CSK’s captain. Thala! I don’t understand what Thala does. Ruturaj Gaikwad is the new captain of the CSK. So, it doesn’t affect my prediction article because you know Thala would do the captaincy and Ruturaj would be the toss captain. But, still, it’s a crazy news. Let me know in the comment section.

What did you guys think of this decision? These are the predictions that would go on for some time. Because Indian Premiere League, IPL, our Indian festival is back. Finally, we have enough entertainment for the next two months. Because the biggest thing of the IPL, no matter who wins, India would be the ultimate winner. At least we can have a break from the international cricket heartbreak, and we, fans, can improve our mental health in these two months.

And, if you are an RCB fan, then it’s a different story. But this time, they too won a trophy. Daya, did you understand what it meant? This means, this, this, and this. So, make this happen right today, so we could also celebrate before IPL begins.

I am telling you right now,
I will post articles every day

And I will try from my end to cover all matches, so connect ayaom to me right now, join me on Telegram, I will be consistent everywhere, you will have content. Now that everyone is making their predictions, then I thought why not Rahul Baba come and make his predictions too. What a plan you have! I must appreciate you. My OG audience has been following last year IPL they know how perfect my predictions are.

Nobody writes the truth in the comments. You are such a cunning guy. I am used to making nonsense predictions, because my plan is very simple, my day won’t start, unless a couple of fans scold me. I am not enjoying it. Now if you want to know the strongest playing eleven of every article.┬áIn this Article, we’ll predict
who’s will win the orange cap and purple cap 2024?

Who is going to hit most sixers?
Who will make the most number of hundreds?

And how would the points table look
by the end of this season?

And, obviously, who will be the winner?

Now, let’s start with two teams, who come just to share points to the other teams. I mean these two teams come in the end. First, for the last position, I am going to predict, though I am a Punjabi, turning into stonehearted; it’s Punjab Kings. Honestly speaking, by looking at their team, I don’t have any hopes for them.

No matter how much you work on TR, no matter how funny your reels are, but it doesn’t affect the performance. What? What are you saying? And I think their team is dependent on individual brilliance that if someone plays well, they will perform or else it’s in their nature to go bottle.

But, if by some miracle, if this team performs well then they will definitely end up at no.6 or no.7. It’s not in their luck to come above that. It’s our wish. This is our target that we won’t win. Next up is our Gujarat Titans, who has lost their captain and the main all-rounder to their rival team. And Shami is also injured and is up for commentary. After so many shocks, Shubman Gill is under pressure to be a debutant captain and bring the results.

I mean, they might win against Mumbai so he could impress his father-in-law but I am doubtful about their wins against the other teams, because this team is off balance. Moreover, in the IPLs, Shubman focuses on something else. Hey, Idiot, I would remove the bat’s grip… Now let’s talk about the mid-table teams,

That will neither be at the top, 4 nor make it to the bottom. I am not predicting their order in sequence,
their positions might change. I don’t trust Lucknow’s bowling and batting. You tell me how do I trust a batting lineup which has Krunal and Hooda. On top of this, I heard that Rahul
will play in the middle-order while trading their best finisher, Avesh Khan.

How will you win now?

They released Gautam Gambhir and ended the rivalry with RCB. This is not happening. I don’t see IPL 2024 in the top 4 table after so many changes. Similarly, where Gauti went; KKR, things are not going to be easy for them too. I am scared, they bought Mitchel Starc at such a high cost, he might be the most expensive bowler
in the IPL… in terms of runs.

Hey! What are you saying?

What are you talking about?
Say something positive.

It’s okay that Gautam Gambhir is back in KKR. But you know his priorities are set. When you ask him if we would like to win an IPL trophy or a cricket World Cup, then he will always choose to win the Pro Kabaddi League. What a poor joke. Now comes the team that has been average right from the childhood, which I was a fan of;

It’s team Delhi. After the peak Delhi team of 2021, neither their team has been good, nor their Jersey. Forget about the trophy, if you want to ruin others’ auctions, you can count on them. I feel their complete focus is on Rishab Pant’s comeback. So, there are some hopes but about choking themselves. And, Rishab bro, truth be told, don’t even try this year, even Praful Chaiwala has commented. Hey, this scoundrel, whenever I see him I burst with anger. Now, let’s talk about the final team, which won’t end up in the top. I know people would scold me because of this,

But not to worry, their captain would receive more scolding than I would; I mean, Mumbai Indians. They have one of the greatest players on the team, I admit it but in the name of unity, they have split into two families.

What is this? I think, despite politics and controversies, if Mumbai Indians make it to the top 4, then shame on other teams. Watching their interviews and stage leagues, we could figure out that things are not okay. No matter how many questions you dodge about the captaincy, in the end, it’s going to be easy for them and because of their bad decisions, I don’t know about the players but their fans are already suffering.

Now these are the bottom 6 teams who are not qualifying in the playoffs. Did you understand what I meant, Daya? My top four teams are: CSK, Hyderabad, RCB, and Rajasthan Royals.

Yes, RCB fans, celebrate, your teams will make it to the top 4. Don’t… Don’t give me hope. What do you mean that I have put RCB so their fans subscribe to me? Do it, guys. This is who you are. But on the top, this year, it’s Hyderabad. Now, have a look at Pat Cummins here. He did the same before the World Cup… and you know what happened after that. Oh, god! Oh, god! You completely ruined my mood.

Then, bro, take him seriously. If some team is watching my video and you are not taking him seriously, then I am telling you, he will do something this year. And I just remembered that they have Travis Head on their team. Do they have Travis Head on their team? Wait a second. Hello, Mayank bro!
I need a favor from you. No, I’ll tell you. Do you have a big size baseball bat?

Bro, why can’t we kill him inside the home? It’s all because of our culture and ethics. Inside our home, he is our guest and guests are to be worshipped, so he lives until he is inside.

I go for [CSK] Chennai Super Kings on no.2 on my points table. They are the defending champions, again, they are looking very strong, they have plenty of batting and bowling options. They are worried about his injury,
but he is Mr.Thala and he would manage it. Trust me, I am an old player. one Ravindra won IPL for them the last year, and this time they have two Ravindras. And it’ll be too much if Big Brother scripts that it’s Thala’s last season and Chennai won’t make it to the top four.

And at the no.3 position, after giving it so much thought, I am putting RCB. Okay, okay. Thank you. No one has better batting and worse bowling than they have this season. Now, it’s about pride. Their girls have done it in two seasons. So,

To the top 4 this season. Finally, at no.4, after so much struggle and math, Rajasthan Royals would make it to the no.4. They have legends like Yashasvi Jaiswal, Buttler, Boult, and Riyan Parag then how would they not make it to the top 4? They were so close the last year. They have the potential, considering the form Jaiswal is in, I know they would do it. Big Brother, you must have them there, or else fans would trend #JusticeforSanjuSamson.

My god, he is uncovering the secret. Finally, let’s talk about the orange cap. I can’t think of one name
so I am giving you the top 3. So, the contenders for the orange cap, this season could be: Faf du Plessis,
Yashasvi Jaiswal and Ms Dhoni… No, no, I am just joking, not Thala, he would keep us waiting for 12 months and gives us a 12-minute cricket in these 2 months. I am not in the mood for this today, let’s think of it tomorrow.

But, yes, I feel this time, we’ll have the comeback of the orange cap king; KL Rahul. It’s the World Cup year, and he has to be on the T20 squad, then why wouldn’t this guy make runs? I know most of you guys chose Virat Kohli, even in some sense, he is my choice too. But I am trying something different this time, so I am putting these three guys. And for the purple cap, I am going with Boult, Cummins, and Mohammed Siraj. But this won’t make any difference, since we know Harshal Patel is the one worthy of the purple cap. Oh, really?

talking about the prediction
for the most number of sixers,

Then I think it’s Heinrich Klaasen. And for the most number of hundreds,
here I would have Virat Kohli.

At least he must do two, or else, the season wouldn’t come to an end. And you guys write down these predictions so far in the comments section, because I am going to talk about the playoffs. According to the script, Rajasthan would make it to the playoffs but they will be the first to be eliminated. And it’s Thala’s last season, it’s difficult to win in the finals and they can’t be defeated in the finals, so they too will be eliminated. Now, this is making sense,

Since CSK’s captain is changed, then chances are it might not be that easy like it used to be under Dhoni’s captaincy. And… I think they will be eliminated. Now we are left with the final two teams for the IPL finals; which is going to be a repeat of the IPL finals of 2016, it’s RCB vs Sunrisers Hyderabad. And according to me,
the winner of this year’s IPL would be… CSK. No, I am just kidding. I know you will troll me a lot. But according to my predictions, the one who will win the 2024 IPL… is RCB. Okay, MI and CSK fans, you can comment laughing emojis and you can laugh at me, but, once RCB wins,
then you will understand.

Then I will be one to laugh while you cry. But on a serious note, miracles are happening this year. RCB has won the WPL, which we didn’t expect to happen so soon. I also think this might be the last IPL for Faf du Plessis, he has given a lot to the IPL, he made a lot of runs. I think he could be the MVP of this season for the RCB. And he will win the trophy for them, and make Virat happy and retire.

I believe all of our Indian players would regain their forms, Rohit, Virat, Bumrah, everyone would play well. Then, we’ll play the T20 World Cup and win that as well and then, my mom would wake me up from my sleep. Genuinely, on a very serious note, I am telling you I am not a die-hard fan of the RCB. In fact, I am very neutral in terms of the IPL. I just want to see a new winner. I really don’t think MI or CSK should win. I know some of you might not agree with this, obviously, everyone has their own opinion, but I also feel the competition would improve if we have a new winner. Well, the best team wins,
we can’t do anything about it.

And, yes, it doesn’t mean I hate Mumbai or CSK,I don’t have any problem if they play well and win. You guys comment down your IPL winner predictions. I want to know how many of you agree with me.

Then I will see you in the IPL,
in the next Article, with consistency. AYAOM

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