How to Publish Articles on Blogger Part 1

If you’re a blogger looking to make money quickly, then this article is for you! In this article, I’ll show you how to publish articles on Blogger and make money quickly and easily. From setting up your Blogger account, to creating high-quality content, to monetizing your articles, this article has everything you need to get started making money from your blog!

about how to create your very first

blogs blog post

so I’ll take you through a step-by-step

hustle so that we can make our hustle a

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button so guys today let me show you how

to create your very first blog post this

is what you will do you visit your you

need to login into your Gmail account

once you log in into your Gmail account

there are two ways you can do this one

you just go to these three dots here if

you’re using a

a computer if you’re using a a laptop I

mean a smartphone still I think this

option is still available you scroll

down until you open blogger the other

way let us just wait and then this is a

you can open a blogger remember it will

it it can automatically go directly to

the blog that you created on on the

previous article or the other way you can

do this is another way of logging in you

can you can say www.blogger

dot com if you do that it can it will

automatically log you in also but if it

doesn’t uh you just need to log to

blogger just log in to blogger using

your Gmail account the same Gmail

account that I used to create your very

first blog so guys there

remember we we are here so that we can

make money so this is how you you make a

very fast post it is very easy you see

this uh this tab this button that is

written new post on mobile this is the

how it will look like

this is a a tablet View

there is this a plus button here or you

can just click this uh the main menu

here and then you click and then you say

create new post on mobile this is how it

will appear this is now a a version of

Mobile simu smartphone

still the same you can click this menu

here you can now say plus I add a new

post or

you can just click this plus button here

okay so let us click the button here I

am going just to assume that I am using

my mobile phone this is the interface

that you are going to find now here

title this title is a your blog title

for example I’ll be writing about how

to create



your very fast blog post your blog post


post and then maybe I’ll say here is

what you need

to do to create

your very


so blah blah blah you see like I can

just just do like that I was right now

this is what you are writing remember

this is what you are writing

I’m just saying

so and that is how you create your very

fast post you can press this button to

say save

now let us look at um

if you’re using a desktop if you are

using a desktop this is how it will look

like let me just publish you can click

here publish the blog post and say

confirm it will automatically publish

your post now let us look let us take a

look at how our blog post uh here is

looking like

so you are going to come and click this

I button here it’s called View

you need you want to view now this is a

very fast blog post but you see it

doesn’t have a picture

there are a lot of details that are

missing you will go back to your post

and then you will just click just click

anywhere on your post it will open for

example I want to add a picture just on


of my blog post I will come here you see

this button there we have a menu here

uh that uh is is used for a lot of

things for example you can use this

button to undo to redo font type

a font size paragraphing you can choose

if it’s a headline subheading minor

paragraph or no more if you want your

blog to appear normal

you have bold if you maybe you want to

put this word here bold you can say bold

if you wanted if you want it to look

italics you can do underline

we have a lot of you can strike through


you can say Carla if maybe you want a

red black or orange

so I want you to take a look at all this

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