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The course will cover the general overview of website creation practice on up to date Window Server 2024 version. Now we are ready to move on to the technicalities of a server installation and its security level with uploading a website over the process, a detailed explanation will be given in each of the cases.

Setting up the Web Server: Start with setting up a Web Server configuration should be the very first step:
Step by step web site developing process ranges from having a web server that is its basic function of hosting and delivering the pages to users when there is a request made. And now we imagine a routinely operating moment when “Web Server 06” belonging to our servers is under attack. For the server operation management we tend to apply the Windows Server 2024 system, which is an operating system of the Microsoft corporation.

Configuring the Operating System: And here comes Windows Services 2024 signing our signatures, that’s for you. Subsequently, we will have an opportunity to deal with computer’s installation from its main units. There are two parameters―atomic units and SSD size―and we set RAM 1GB and volume 32Gb subsequently, and then we check if the default network launches.

Adding Website Content: Financially, our organization should have adequate resources to carry out both the front-end and back-end website development processes. To have our own link that looks like a fish bait, we have to pull it with the use of the online tool that makes a site URL for us. Thus, your website material is imposed on our server. In my elected role as a technology student in charge of the yearbook, the mark up is one of the features; it is another feature which imports files and gives users a chance to create, edit, and revise their work. Pictures is the next phase: what has been written in Software too.

Configuring Security Settings: These include the privacy of law, systematic oversights, security, helping-service provision, hacking prevention, and many others. The security team to be responsible for our machine server by the rule of that control the access through port level. As soon as we’ve pulled off, the intranet gate for the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) with the 389 port as well will be opened through the security group.

Connecting to the Server: As RDP and measures regarding the file downloads and network settings are minded, we establish communication with a server via RDP. Now we will move to the next point which is more exciting that is entering RDP or remote connection, password and hostname then connecting to the server

Testing the Website:We power up the server first, so the address at the web-browser’s home page will show up on our computer’s monitor. Mumbai Metrolink, which is a rapid transit system and links key suburban locations to the city centre, is the focus of our case study. The ease of access and convenience that Mumbai Metrolink ensures has surreptitiously improved connectivity and property values in its areas of service. Several higher education institutions, including the Indian Institute of Technology and the National Institute of Design, have established themselves in the area.

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Will do that over the stand in Winters Pet

In this way we can post on a website

If possible, first of all with the help of diagram

We understand all this here

I want to deposit a website

First of all I need a ole now server

So this is a web server of mine and this

The name of the website is also web.

Server Web Server 06

That on this website I am the first one

Comment on an operating system image here

Will have to be done separately, I am taking it here

I am subscribing to Windows Server 2016.

I want to subscribe

subscribing that i use on my windows server

Subscribe over here

Subscribe to website and channel

To subscribe here

Click on subscribe then thank you

200 which is the operating system to take here

I want a diagram on my face, that’s me

want to select window server 2016

Friends, basically select from here in the image.

If I am doing it then it is Microsoft Windows

Give Server 2016 and select it from here

Like and subscribe and

Subscribe & 1GB RAM 32GB Volume

To subscribe and in subscribe

which is the default network of the olfactory network

Inside which inside we subscribe here

do it here now

There is laughter inside him, three dreams, here you are

If you want, you can select here

That in this particular availability room

Or by going to this particular subject you

Want to apply to your ec2 instance

or you can select here

No problem yes-yes, please tell me this

I hope you don’t have any problems

If you go to EWS then these three will be available

By going to any one of the loan committee zones

Apply on my to-do list here

If given, I would have selected it.

I have no problem because I am here

inspect website want to reply

And I want public access to it

If I can, I will inspect this toe.

If I configure a public IP address

In Public IP Address Tor Assessment it

I automatically get noble WS

Here is a public IP address

Will sign OK then when the public IP

The address will be signed here, we will move ahead on this

will update the diagram

A 32GB one from American End Storage

The root is going to the volume and getting attached here.

Windows operating on top of it as a volume

Keep the system by clicking here sir

A Saintly Who’s Who Figure Security Group

So as we know that the acid

There is security around it

The group is set up here, okay, and if

I can access this two instances from my laptop.

I want to connect RDP section

So I got post number on security group

389 will have to be enabled here simultaneously

Even if I know that my customers

You can access this website here

ok internet and public airport

If I want to do number 8 here then this

You can maintain your security on both

The service number is 389 now you

can subscribe subscribe

is your

Sometimes select my protocol here

Do it and the train ends here


If so, you can already see it in this case.

that I kind of talked about in the last article

Was created whose name was AWS

If you have a course then you have multiple options here.

Option if you don’t have any

So from here you can create but if

If you already have something then you can come here.

You can choose from this which is the first option.

Are we using it already?

This is where I graded my last

Apps have knowledge and belief in the article

Instances Electronics so you can see

Yours who has been here since 2010

The request also includes a public IP address.

By signing and copying this public appearance

If we update our diagram

My favor is on running state here

connects it but collect daily

point and declined and for this I got a

If you want to generate a password then generate the password.

To get platform gate password then

Here you are getting the message please wait

at least for

That you are launching and standing before

Trying to retrieve and generate to

Password: Wait here for a while

After that this process will have to be done again

Try your password generation process

Connect printer while subscribing to

Click here to set password

From here you can go to your private school.

Was defeated and is downloaded on my laptop

You can select it from here

ok then select it here

If you write different password then this password will be

Basically you have generated it here.

I take note after note and then you

Click Download Remote Desktop File

and launch it but connect

So it is pointing to the password.

So the same password that the campaign generates here

Let’s press on and click on OK this


180 distance was successful here

Deployed is our next step

One of this explanation came on WhatsApp

Incident I went here in which

I have subscribed to window server 2016

Collect and subscribe to Window Server 2016

If you roll it over here then it will be like this

Before hating the ways if you

Click here on Internet Explorer

are here open on any website

I am free from you once in a while

If you do then add website in the first

If you click OK on the site, you will see that

But you are getting exposed again and again on the internet.

This side is having problem as we add it

If you click, you will get from one by one.

will do because if you find this point here

But if you want to disable it then you can search for it.

let’s type server manager

loot record

That you go and click on Salman Venus

on local server

And inside the local server you will get an option

If you get insecurity configuration then

We can turn off the security configuration from here.

Okay, so if you use this browser

Will try once and launch again

Then on any website you open here

then you will see that this point comes first

You will not see those who were there now.

I have it that I need on my server

But if you want to reply then you are on date.

Go to More Cheesy Egg Roll Send Features End

Next Next from here you select

Can select one or more students

Fold this into the selected last 20.

I am here, it is written here that we



A nice day and night so whatever is quiet

Confident here and here

You have to select and then click

Get it and click on install it 1 to 2

Loading ore to your web server will take minutes

To do once the IS is deployed

So after that we IS now I

You have control for that on your website here

But if you scan finger then installation here

But after it was successfully completed

Let’s close it and then you come sir

Click inside this diet inside the manager

After that do it on your tools.

Here you will see an option Internet

Information Services Manager Insaaf Maine

Subscribe if we like it

Let’s install this on our heads

Create a difficult website here

And on the side you can see

If you are here under subscribe

give you content

So after right clicking on it but

The webpage is plated if you view this webpage

If you open it, you will see it here in this manner.

appears if I have to verify this

That’s my IS role which I have back.

If you are working successfully here then first

You can get your AC instant here

Minimize this from your portal

ec2 instance you have replied to this

Apart from the public IP address, it is here

Select Copy Public IP from

To open new tap on address and browser

Paste this public IP address after

After doing this you will see

That this website opens here from my laptop


working ok and you can use any laptop

If this public IP address is hit from

If you do then it will simply open here.

I have also expressed my second belief here.

Completed IS and dried it


that I want to apply on my website

So to apply on the website the most

First I have my own website here

If it should happen, what do I do now?

Download a sample website from Google

If you want then type it here

Download Sample Website at

There are a lot of URLs here, right?

I select this viral, ok

Lots of sample websites here

Now given on any sample website

Here you can select Let’s Sex

I am selecting the option here, OK

So when I clicked here on this website

If selected then you will get the option below

Feel free to download and download it

Will download the content of your website

On the download folder of this it means if you

If you want to see it then open the application and see.

You can download the folder inside it.

This folder is created with the name Banking.

Always chant this gift first.

If yes then right click on Anju

Thank you can expect and expect

So here is the expectation and this

If you open it, inside you will

So by going to the content of this website we

If we have to reply then what should we do first?

You copy all the content

Take control of the day, right click and end

Copy After this we go to our IS Manager

This is my IS manager on control

Control is here, gift website is already here

If I am confident then why am I simple here?

I will do that after right clicking

After clicking on explorer I

I will go to the location where the sacrifices will be made.

record website its contents lying

And you basically select these contents

And delete the tanning to delete

New content you downloaded after

Will copy and paste these from the internet

All the things that you have done for the new website.

The content and files are here

If you visit this location for coat painting

Will see that after going to Delhi location

If you post content then this seat will be on the right side

Expenses to be taken and installed within it

If appointed is created here then this

Person inside particular folder

Go and edit your website content

Subscribe here and you can get it at your home

Appointed at Subscribe here

So you will see that this time new content

on the website here on my website

If you click on this website now easily

can reset are saying

If you like it, you can see how much

There is a simple process on an incident if you

People want to post website here

So I hope you understood this topic.

In the next article we will be princess cut.

How will you link it to the means?

is created thank you a

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