How to Create Your First Blog and Make 30k Part 1

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced blogger, this guide will show you everything you need to get started. We’ll cover everything from choosing a blog niche to setting up your blog correctly, and we even provide a step-by-step guide to make 30k+ blogging in Kenya a reality!

hello guys welcome to this exciting article today
I’ll be teaching you about how to create your very

first blog are you ready to make money I told you
guys that are blogging kuna PESA there is money in

blogging so I’ll show you a few statistics from my
AdSense account that we started just a month ago

let me see one month ago this this account is one
month ago who is one month old and guys this is

what we did last month we did about 30 000 Kenyan
shillings blogging yes we did about 30 000 Kenya

Shillings blogging for one account so once you
join to vocal you’re sure that you will get 1

000 Bob daily and then the good thing is that once
you have your website and your blog the one that I

will teach you about how to make it today you are
good to go so yes let us just see how much we made

last month we made 229 Euros so let’s convert 229
229 Euros we made 30 650 from blogging we made 30

650 from blogging those who are asking what is
blogging blogging is creating a posts online on

your own website where people can visit and read
your articles creating articles online so like a

year yesterday we did 18 18 Euros 18 Euros how
much did we make in Kenya Shillings let us see

he made 18 points 0.67 this one point six
seven so yesterday we made 2400 Shillings

imagine in a single day we made two
thousand four hundred today so far

let me just refresh right now we are at 1402
let us refresh and see how much we have made

we have made yeah some people have just read we
are at fourteen zero five fourteen zero five let

us see today how much have we made today 14 the
14.0 0.05 already today we have made 1800 this

is just one of the accounts now let me show you
one another another account we are using to blog

let us see this is uh this is a new account
it’s a new account you can see the balance

you can see up in a semi-year payment are on hold
because you need to verify your address meaning

it is a new account we need to verify let me just
show you we are waiting for barua yetu if you care

so guys yeah let us see how much we have made
so far this account is only like seven days old

seven days about like eight eight nine nine days
old this month already we have made 27 9.19 euros

279 279.97 already I made 37 000 Kenyan shillings

already just imagine yesterday we
made 19 19 Euros we made 19 points

0.68.68 we made 2600 also today so far we had
15.02 we are 15.02 Imagine already we are made

two thousand meaning this month this account
probability is that by the end of this month

we’ll have made more than 60 000 Kenya
Shillings so guys I told you kuna PESA

block this money blogging we have a lot of money
online and I’ll be coaching you how to make money

online I don’t want to make this money alone so
guys make sure you subscribe to this channel so

that I’ll be taking you as a step by step step by
step for those who have not yet joined to hookah

you can go to let me show you to you can go to uh you need to

do a registration we usually charge 100 both by
for registration and then once you are once you

register you go here to register register as
a new member need to accept cookies and then

you register already have an account that is
what you do once you finish the registration

under you have logged in you need to activate
your account it’s only 100 shillings once you

activate your account go to your email and check
the confirmation of the activated account once you

activate your account it means you will get uh you
will get a WhatsApp link join the WhatsApp link

of the okay every group we are only 60 members
per we usually do 60 members per group because

how we are making this money blogging
so group your account here because

it’s an exchange program where
every one of us is on our website

and then you click on your website
exchange apple and then we make ours

so yes there is money blogging
and also we usually uh once yeah

oh you need to pay 1580 before I forget
you will pay 1580. now the okay list is

before we start the process you need to pay
that amount so yes now today let me show you

how to make your first blog blogging you need
to have a Gmail account go to your browser

and then open your Gmail account once you log in
into your Gmail account you will see these nine

dots here you can click there if you’re using
a computer scroll down you will see blogger

for those who are using maybe a mobile phone
because you can also do this on mobile you go to it is the same thing it will still
open the same page you see this is a I’ve gone

directly to this is the page let me
click this link so that you can see we are talking……….

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