How To Start A Blog Only 3 Step

Start blogging on your blog
One way to earn by publishing articles

Sustainable and simple way to earn money
In today’s article we will know that 2024

By setting up your blog in
How to start blogging journey

And how can we earn money? So let’s go.
Let’s know these three steps

Step 1

Choose niche and blogging
Before starting the platform logging

We have to select the niche of our blog
This is basically the subject of our blog.

on which we write content and
There are two types of macros

Let us understand these with an example.
are macros such as a car and micros

Like this car tire I hope you understood
You may also start blogging on your interest.

You can start i.e. whatever your
Good interest and good articles.

If you can write quality articles then you can
Start your blog journey on that also

Can and give to blogging
WordPress blogger is a popular platform

I would recommend you WordPress
Go with because you will get from blogger

You will get more features on WordPress
And ease of ranking your blog


Second step will be to choose hosting and domain
Domain is the name address of our website

Like tech and hosting
Our website is stored in

The content of our blog is saved like
That text image article other hosting and

Best hosting for you to buy domain
I have to select the provided company.

Will recommend you 999 because India’s first

Web hosting service at Rs 999 for life time
There is no company doing this nor do you get any monthly

You will have to pay charges only one time
Payment has to be made and you will have access to the web for life time.

Hosting will be given talking about main highlights
Get Free SS Certificate Unlimited

C panel 24 will be available to watch SST
1 hour technical support life time fast

Server Best Purchasing and Unlimited Free
You will be able to create a mail by scrolling a little.

If you down, we will stay here for life time.
Get to view web hosting plans

Which will include Unlimited SST Disk
Space Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited

Here to buy sub domus plane
Click on Buy Now

Now our pilling details will be open
Now we will scroll down here

We have to type the domain of our blog
You can buy the domain from another website

After typing the domain you will get pilling
Details have to be filled like first

Name Last Name Email Address Phone Number and
Billing address of your billing details

You can create a password if you want.

You can also generate the password
After filling the details you will

Click on complete order and
999 payment has to be made after this our

Hosting will be provided for life time
After purchasing the hosting, you will have

The interface of the dashboard should look like this
In which our life time web

Hosting plan is now active
Install WordPress on your domain

Can you install WordPress?
For login, click on Manage here.

Click on the 2C panel so that
Our C panel will open. C panel will open.

scroll down once done
Will come here to this softwares

And click on install app here
After clicking we find WordPress

will do this

Now after this we will click on install
URL to install WordPress

Here we will select https
You will select your domain name.

Here we will select our WordPress
If we select the version of then we will be here

Scroll will install the latest version
We will down here the name of our blog.

Block description and admin username
And type the password and all the details

Will scroll down after filling
Here we will select plugins

Scroll down after selecting the plug.
After this click on the install button

Now we will use WordPress in our domain name.
WordPress has started installing.

After installation you will have to go to your admin
Click here to open the panel

And you can see in our domain name

WordPress installed successfully
Once WordPress is installed, here

Click so that you can see your blog
You will also get its themes and customization.

Will be able to go back to change the theme
You will come to the dashboard here

Click on themes will come
And click on the plus here

If you do then you can see here
Many themes will be available to see

If you want to do blogging then here
But will select General Express theme

click on stall
Will do Our theme has been installed Theme

After installation, we again
Will visit the blog and you can see

Our General Express theme has been applied
Now you can upload blog posts on it.

can earn

We can earn from blogging in two ways
Can on any affiliate product

by writing articles or

to your blog

You can earn by using Google’s
Does it have any requirements such as your

There should be 15 unique posts on the blog.
Copy paste and AI generated and

Your blog should be one month old then you
whether your website

Start your blog journey in Google2
I hope you can do the article

information is available


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