How to Become a Game Developer – Part 1

Guys, you must have heard of GTA 6, BGMI, the hype of GTA 6 is amazing.

I have played GTA 5 and you all have played it.

But if I tell you that you can make these games, then you will ask how?

And in this article, I will tell you how you can become a game developer and make games like this.

Gaming is the future.

92% of the Gen Z and millennials play games.

Game development easily gets you a 6-10 lakhs per annum job in India.

In the last 5 years, the Indian gaming industry has raised $2.8 billion.

And since 2019, this figure has increased by 380%.

If I talk about 2020, then there is an increase of 23%.

Which means that the Indian gaming industry is at boom

and is growing very fast.

Its future is very good.

Now I will tell you that games are basically of two types.

2D games and 3D games.

2D games give you a 2-dimensional field.

And in phones, 2D games are very popular even today.

And the biggest advantage of making 2D games is that they are not very graphic intensive.

They work on simple phones too.

That’s why people love 2D games a lot.

If I talk about PCs, 2D games are still played on PCs.

They don’t play as much as 3D games but they do.

2D games like Mario are very simple to develop as compared to 3D games.

3D games use 3D graphics

like GTA 5, GTA 6,

all these games are 3D games.

Let’s talk about Cyberpunk.

To make such graphic-intensive games,

we need to know how to use Nvidia, CUDA, graphics,

how to use CPU and GPU optimally.

But thankfully, we have some game engines

which make our work very easy.

Before I tell you about the game engines

And how to start

I want to tell you that

Before game development

You should know basic programming.

If you are in school or college

Then I will recommend CC++ for you

Because you will get the basics of programming from CC++.

You should see the basic syntax

How the programming languages work

What are the variables and functions And you will to 6-8 months of programming if you are an absolute beginner.

And if you are in school or college, I will recommend you a slow start and I will recommend you to start with a language like C, C++.

Two-dimensional games can also be made with the help of JavaScript, so the game development of these browsers is becoming very popular in JavaScript. For this, there is a library called KaboomJS,

With the help of which you can make games.

And you will enjoy it a lot if you make two-dimensional games from it.

Now I have made a article of KaboomJS.

If you want to see, you can see.

We made a great game in it using only JavaScript.

There are libraries in JavaScript to make three-dimensional games.

But because it is a graphic-intensive game,

Mostly the three-dimensional games,

that’s why it is made with the help of engines like Unity or Unreal.

If you want to learn game development on Python,

then you can use the Pygame library.

But to an extent, it can make and give you good games.

If you want to launch your game in the market,

like GTA 6, like Cyberpunk,

then you will have to learn game engines for that.

There are two big players in game engines, one is Unity and the other is Unreal. have to learn game engines Game engines have two big players

One is Unity and the other is Unreal

Both are amazing game engines

And basically game engines make your work easy

When it comes to developing your game

You guys are not thinking about this

That this process will handle CPU and GPU

You will not think about the low level complications of the game

You will think about what to become in the game

You will put think about that, you will think about what to become in the game. You will put your human mind, with that you will use the game engine as a layer.

And on top of that you will build your game.

Here I want to give you a suggestion that you should choose between Unreal or Unity.

If you want to make games for Android, then Unity is a great choice.

Unreal Engine is also a great engine.

You can see both of them.

And you can continue with whichever you are comfortable with.

Both of these are very popular game engines.

Unity primarily uses C Sharp.

And Unreal Engine uses C++.

Now if you want to make games visually using a node-based interface in Unreal,

then you can use Unreal Blueprints.

And a very similar thing comes in Unity called Visual Scripting

with the help of which you can make games visually in Unity.

So this is a major difference.

But in today’s date, you get to see a lot of changes and customizations in NGS.

Now if I talk about the pricing of Unity and Unreal,

then both Unity and Unreal are free to download and use.

But there’s a catch.

If you earn more than $100,000 from your game in Unity

then you have to take a subscription of Unity Pro

and it is also with the same Unreal Engine

you have to pay royalty around 5% of gross revenue

if you earn more than 1 billion in a quarter

now there is a game engine called GEDOT

which is free and open source unlike Unity and Unreal

but I will recommend unlike Unity and Unreal. But I will recommend Unity and Unreal because they are stable, better and have more jobs

compared to Getout which is a free and open source game engine.

Now you can become an indie developer.

Indie developer means an independent developer

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