SEO is dead, Bard and GPT3.5 will replace

If we talk about website, you search article on website

You can see many article on home

In the same way, Google is doing the same in blogging world

So try to understand Google

All the experiential content will come to the site

Those who have a loyal fanbase, they will have an advantage

Now I will talk about myself

Many people know me as a marketer in India

Now what I am talking about SEO, people will want to hear

Google will tell you

You can ask AI or chat gpt, it will tell you

But my point of view matters

And there are high chances that what I have told you, chat gpt

will not tell you

So if you are currently working in SEO

So think a little bit above, don’t just focus on writing content

Don’t just focus on keyword research

Focus on link building

I am not talking about link building, leave a link in the comment

section Leave a link here or there

Link building is a big thing

Now I will try to explain this in the world of website

I am intellectual indies and I am making content

I have a specific audience, people follow me for me

Now a technical guruji, his specific audience, people follow

him for him Now we both exchange on each other’s channel

I come on his channel and he comes on my channel

So what happens is, he gets my audience and I get his audience

Actually if you think about link building in this direction

It is a big thing People are mentioning me in their website

Because they want to mention me

They are not mentioning because I have paid them or something

If they want to mention me, their audience will automatically

come to me Trust will automatically transfer

There will be a challenge in this which time will tell

Because no one knows what is going to happen

If we talk about Bard, the result that Bard is showing

He is taking from some blogs And he is telling that he has taken content from this website

So now what I saw in IU, he was showing 3 websites

From where he took that content

If you come in those 3 websites, chances are you will get traffic

And on which basis you have to come on those 3 websites, time

will tell How it will happen

So all the best, you can make your career

Don’t just do blogging, there are many things in the world

Let’s talk about business

Business has specific queries from where business is generated

Example, review of a product, comparison of a product

What is important in this product, what is good and what is bad

These things help in growing a business

People who do SEO for business are going to increase

And it is going to be easy because there will be a lot of people

Many people will get jobs, there is no doubt

But people who will understand these things, they will become

experts And some people’s salary will increase and some people will be

fired And recently we have launched a course on SEO

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Plus as soon as AI is rolled out in India

I will tell you how we can use AI to do SEO

I have told you that there are 3 top results coming on the bar,

how to get in it

I will cover that too

Bye Goodnight Goodmorning Goodafternoon whenever you are watching this video.

Jai Hind. Vande Matram


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