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The most important SEO fundamentals that most SEOs get wrong that can help you rank #1 in Google.

So listen there’s an SEO fundamental

that’s probably the most important thing

yet 99% of seos get it wrong and some

even ignore it I’m talking about

searching pent so it’s like this we have

a plant that is rooted in fertile soil

let’s call this your content it’s

foundational and then we

have sunlight it provides energy for the

plant’s Health just like backlinks do

for your sight’s organic rankings now

despite having fertile soil and an

abundance of sunlight something crucial


missing water without it our plant wilts

its leaves lose its luster and growth

not happening water is like search in

tent in the world of SEO when your

content doesn’t align with the

searcher’s intent your SEO efforts much

like our plant aren’t going to make it

and that’s because Google’s job is to

give the best results for any given

query now I’m going to show you how to

use intent to improve your content and

boost your Google rankings but first we

need to unpack the core problem here why

aren’t seos getting intent right and the

answers I have might surprise you

because our inability to get it right

isn’t always our fault but first let’s

tackle an issue that is fully in our

control laziness even though we know

search tant is important we often race

past this step and choose one of two

lazy routes lazy Route One

we search for our Target keyword look at

the titles and think easy create a blog

post recommending a list of these

products tons of experience here or we

go down lazy route two H is it

informational or

commercial really I think it’s

transactional h let’s just write down

all three so why is it that when we’re

doing SEO we look at intent for seconds

or Max a few minutes understanding

search intent is doing due diligence and

if you’re passing the step off as a

secondary priority no wonder we miss the

mark and while laziness can be fixed by

being proactive and using the tips I’ll

share in a bit the same can’t be said

for reason two which is that search

intent changes take the keyword how to

sanitize as an example in March 2019 the

search results were mostly about

cleaning and sanitizing your kitchen

because of things like raw meat but

today intent has more to do with

disinfecting your home and your phone

because of Co now people’s interests

change world events happen and therefore

Google adapts and changes the search

results to give the Searcher what they

want then and there and while we can

simply update our pages to better match

intent when this happens there’s a

bigger reason we can’t get intent right

that’s the fact that Searcher intent is

extremely nuanced take the query

landscaping ideas as an example if we go

with lazy route one we’ll look at the

titles of the top results and

immediately assume yes we need to create

a Roundup post with a billion ideas

that’ll end up being 40,000 words that

no one wants to read or if we go with

lazy Route 2 we’ll look at the ser and

determine that this query is purely

informational because people are just

looking for ideas but I don’t think

that’s the case look at the top of the

Ser there’s a huge image pack suggesting

that most people don’t care what you

have to say they want to see ideas for

inspiration and when you click on the

top ranking page called 75 landscaping

ideas you’ll love it’s not a Roundup

post it’s like a Pinterest board filled

with images and if we go back to the ser

and scroll down a bit you’ll see these

product results suggesting that there is

some kind of commercial intent to this

topic and this is just my 30second

interpretation which I’m sure some

others might disagree with now even

though intent can’t be classified into a

one-size fits-all bucket it doesn’t mean

we should just give up or settle for the

bare minimum because here’s the deal

intent should be what guides the things

you’ll include in your content not only

engines but you’ll be in a better

position to convert visitors into

customers because you’re giving them

what they want and because your

satisfying intent trust is built and you

have an opportunity to direct them to

whatever you think they’d want or need

next and while some of you may continue

to pass off search intent as a secondary

priority those that spend a

disproportionate amount of time to

deeply understand who your audience is

and who is actually visiting your pages

will get a sneaky Edge over the

competition so here’s how you can do

that first pay attention to everything

you see in the Google search results

pages so let’s look at the syrup again

for landscaping ideas and I want you to

look at two things on this page number

one are the top results these are

examples of what Google believes to be

the best match for the query and I’ll

expand on this in a bit because the

place you should start is on thing

number two which are surf features surf

features often get ignored but they can

actually tell us a lot about the micro

nuances to intent for example at the top

we have this massive image pack which

again hints that Searchers want visual

content so make your page very visually

appealing now this box right here called

people also ask can be very insightful

too because when you look for themes and

pair it with some common sense you can

be begin to understand the Searcher

desires of where they are in their

informational or buying Journeys or

where they might want to go so in this

case we have two that are about cheap

ways to do landscaping meaning people

are ready to spend money then there’s

this one about principles which suggests

that we may have diyers who are

beginners to Landscaping hoping to learn

best practices and then this one on low

maintenance ideas suggests that people

want easy set it and forgeted ideas

these all sound like perfectly

reasonable things to keep in mind when

creating our post now scrolling down we

see these product recommendations which

suggest that there is commercial intent

to buy things like books and done for

you options like raised garden beds or

landscape designs and when we hit the

bottom of the search results you’ll see

that pretty much all of the guesses

we’ve made are further validated in the

related surges box cheap low maintenance

pictures simple and this new one catches

my eye too for small spaces we’ve

basically just brainstormed what we need

to include in our post how it should be

presented and who we’re going to be

writing for and the Serb was basically

our guide to getting a highlevel

overview of this now if you think that

we’ve uncovered some interesting things

here you’ll be amazed at what you can

find when analyzing the top ranking

Pages again the top three pages are

Google’s picks for what they believe to

be the best match for a given query and

so you should be studying what these

pages are doing what what are they

talking about are there common themes

who are they speaking to and do any of

these things support what we learned

from surf features now doing this

manually isn’t very fun at all so you

can actually use chat GPT to do it

faster and perhaps even more accurately

than we can just use this prompt can you

visit these pages and tell me

commonalities between them and then I’ll

list the top three URLs and the response

here is super interesting it says that

the top ranking page emphasizes the

importance of low maintenance options

like succulents bushes or Hedges It also

says to consider climate budget and

available space so basically more

support of the things we learned from

the Ser now because chat GPT wasn’t able

to access the other Pages we can either

manually try and decipher the nuances of

the other Pages or use HFS keywords

Explorer in conjunction with chat GPT so

I’ll start by searching for landscaping

ideas go to the related terms report and

then hit the also talk about tab which

shows us popular queries that the top

ranking pages are talking about I’ll

export the list and go back to chat GPT

and say using this list of keywords what

are some important landscaping ideas I

can include in my blog post for an

audience that’s budget conscious wants

low maintenance options and is more

likely beginners paste in the list hit

return and now I’ve got some great ideas

that I think will be useful to Searchers

and Chachi BD can even give you an idea

of what this will look like nice

now simply knowing what Searchers want

won’t be enough you have to actually

structure write and design your piece to

create a great user experience for your

visitors and if you want to see what

this intent first approach looks like in

action and how it can boost your organic

rankings then watch my video on how I

under 24 hours

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